Haber Group Support Desk

Our comprehensive, vendor agnostic service desk Provides timely and effective support to users, quickly resolving issues and minimizing downtime. It also offers proactive communication and regular status updates, keeping users informed and ensuring their satisfaction with the support they receive.

What we can do for you:

Be Your Support Desk

Outsourcing IT support is a cost-effective solution for businesses with under 500 FTEs. Outsourcing to our Support Desk offers uninterrupted service and access to a breadth of knowledge across our team of engineers, without concerns for vacation or sick days.

Support Your Hardware

Our vendor and distributor relationships ensure seamless hardware management, including replacement and support.Our comprehensive expertise extends to both Macs and PCs , enabling us to deliver expert support to businesses with diverse computing needs.

Infrastructure Support

With our in-house expertise in networking, servers, and cloud platforms, we can effectively manage, support, and advise on your IT infrastructure.Our service extends beyond technical support, as we can also provide and manage IT budgets and strategies.

Telephony Support

Whether your business is still using an outdated on-premise telephony solution or has transitioned to a modern SIP/cloud-based system, we can provide comprehensive support and management services.Our goal is to be your go-to partner for all of your technology needs.

Supplement Your Existing Support

We collaborate with in-house IT teams to enhance their capabilities, providing additional support for overflow, on-site assistance, knowledge sharing and escalation services.We can work to complement and empower your existing team.

Manage Cloud Platforms

Haber Group offers comprehensive management and security services for your cloud platforms, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Azure, AWS, and GCP. Our solutions range from basic administration to backup and disaster recovery options.

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