Empowering your business through technology.

For over two decades, we’ve provided exceptional IT infrastructure support services to NY businesses. Trust us to keep your systems operational, so you can focus on what you do best.
With our expert team, tailored solutions, and commitment to excellence, you can expect unparalleled reliability and service


We want Haber Group to be the premier MSP for proactive and innovative IT solutions. Empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age through exceptional value, long-term partnerships, and cutting-edge expertise.


Empowering businesses through comprehensive IT solutions. Becoming a trusted partner for maximizing efficiency, minimizing downtime, and driving growth. Delivering Exceptional value and peace of mind.

The Haber Team

Our team is comprised of experienced, dedicated, and friendly experts who are passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients. From our skilled technicians to our knowledgeable consultants,each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table

Leadership Team

Founder and CEO

Charlie Haber

Charlie founded Haber Group in the year 2000, He has an engineering degree with roots spouting from the Architecture Industry. Charlie focuses on our client’s technology as it relates to their business. ​Charlie leads in developing and maintaining our processes and procedures.
VP of tech services

Dwain Daniels

Dwain has been with Haber Group for 11 years and oversees our three Service Delivery and Technical teams​

Mari Sangalang

Mari, a finance professional from Bologna, Italy, found her passion for technology at Haber Group. Since joining in 2022, she has been eager to learn and explore. Mari manages Finance, Human Resources and Business Operations.
Service Manager

Michael Karstetter

Michael, is a seasoned professional with over 22 years of experience in the IT industry, starting as a programmer and rising through the ranks. With a strong foundation in coding and a wealth of MSP knowledge accumulated over decades, Michael has become a trusted expert in the field, known for their innovative solutions and strategic insights

Management Team

Project Manager & Senior Engineer

Eric Bangle

With over 20 years of experience as an IT systems engineer, Eric has a passion for music, film, and travel. When not optimizing systems, you can find him exploring new destinations and enjoying diverse cultural experiences.
helpdesk manager

Sabrina Pesa

Sabrina first fell in love with technology when she played Space Cadet pinball on her family’s Windows 98 computer. Since then, her interest and curiosity with tech has only grown fonder. When she’s away from her computer, she can be found exploring her new neighborhood in North Carolina searching for a good old New York City bagel.
Senior Engineer & Project Manager

Daniel Schutte

Dan is an accomplished IT professional with a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and over seven years of dedicated experience in the field. With a strong background in IT, he possesses a wealth of knowledge in network administration, system maintenance, and troubleshooting. Dan is known for his commitment to his work and the ability to deliver results consistently. He is a reliable team member who diligently carries out his responsibilities, driven by his strong work ethic and the desire to excel in his career.
Systems Manager and Senior Engineer

Tino Gitakis

Tino is a devoted husband and new dad who loves to stay active and healthy through proper nutrition and physical activity. In his free time, he enjoys gaming and photography, capturing the beauty of the world around him.
executive assistant

Tia Bush

Tia has a strong background in administration, business development and marketing. Tia supports the Leadership Team, managing Marketing and Business Development.



Gigi Hurtault

Gigi is always interested in improving systems and cultivating more technological skill. She also loves the arts and activities like cycling and rock climbing. She hails from New Jersey and can be found near the boardwalk more often than not in the summer months.
helpdesk & Onsite ENGINEER

Carlos Geraldino

Carlos is a naturally inquisitive field technician with a passion for understanding the inner workings of technology. His journey began with a fascination for electronics and sound, which evolved into a career centered around computers since 1996. With his insatiable curiosity and extensive experience, Carlos is dedicated to solving technical challenges and delivering top-notch service to our clients.
Helpdesk Engineer

William Hewitt

William is a self-proclaimed IT ninja who can fix any computer problem with one hand tied behind his back. When he’s not saving the world from technical disasters, He’s been working in IT for over a decade, and he’s seen it all, always up for a challenge, When he’s not fixing computers, you can find him jogging and spending time with his son and family.
Help Desk Engineer

Bevan Gounden

Bevan is a Support Technician with a knack for Client Relations and Business Analysis. With years of experience, he is your tech troubleshooter that is always on the lookout for seamless solutions. But here's the twist – I'm a competitive spirit who thrives on challenges, using my business acumen to boost results and embrace change with precision.
Helpdesk Engineer

Irshaad Jassat

Irshadd is a seasoned IT Professional, bringing over 20 years of experience to the table. An inquiring mind, the kid that takes things apart, just to see how they work. He is a loving husband and father of the only kid who will first ask his mum to fix his tech! He enjoys all types of sports, spending weekends playing Tennis and racing cars.

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