Have you considered outsourcing your IT department? If not, it is time you did. In today’s world of advanced server systems that maximize speed and efficiency and excel at collecting valuable user data, hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is the best choice. An MSP provides a wealth of offerings that give you increased flexibility and control of your data. And MSPs are experienced in the latest technologies and security programs, ensuring your internal and external systems are more efficient and your data is fully protected. And all of this comes at a lower price than if you handled it through an internal IT department.


Let’s take a closer look at what outsourcing your IT department does for your business.


Reduced IT Staff


Building an IT department knowledgeable in the best technology solutions for your business is difficult. Finding and hiring them is time-consuming and expensive, and pulls you away from important business. These same individuals need ongoing training to ensure you have the best system innovations and choices for your data usage and protection. And they need to be available to diagnose and control software and hardware issues any hour of the day, any day of the year, to guard your systems effectively.


There is no downplaying the importance of the IT role. Each year, more work is systems-based. Effective Internal and external computer systems are integral to growth, and this is more true as businesses collect more user data to analyze trends and formulate new ideas to maximize profits. Any loss and theft of that data can be detrimental to your growth.


With so many responsibilities from one department, outsourcing your IT department is the best idea. As an MSP, we have our own staff who are experts in today’s internal and external programs and tools, eliminating the ongoing chore and expense of hiring and maintaining IT employees. This allows you to stay laser-focused on business growth. We also upgrade and support systems to ensure efficiency while maintaining some of the industry’s best data protection techniques. And we are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, at a lower price than maintaining a full-time, in-house IT department.


Improved Technology Fixes


Waiting for technical issues to happen can create an expensive problem. Whether this is due to ineffective planning or limited IT staff, reduced oversight of your internal systems can drastically affect their performance and reliability.


Outsourcing your IT department maximizes your savings over the long term by offering continued systems maintenance. At Haber Group, we find most IT issues are prevented with proactive maintenance. We consistently oversee internal systems to ensure they are working as intended and catching problems before they start to maximize the life of your systems.


Ongoing Upgrades


Procedures that used to work won’t work overtime. Antiquated technology can break down or quickly become irrelevant. Without consistent updates, richer security, and increased system flexibility, you will experience decreased performance, stalled productivity, and a higher cost in repairing the systems.


When outsourcing your IT department, your MSP will evaluate your internal systems, analyze risks against today’s viruses, and update your systems on an ongoing basis, so they stay efficient, further boosting productivity while minimizing costs.


One example of an efficient upgrade we often do is to make companies more digital. We can transfer your existing systems into the digital space, so you are more automated and streamlined with safe and reliable cloud-based systems. These systems are also faster in ways that boost your productivity while reducing your need to undergo expensive server replacements.


The Right Systems at the Right Price


By outsourcing your IT department, you gain an organization with in-depth experience in the best systems on the market. We can provide you with more data storage, increase the speed and flexibility in analyzing that data, and ensure all your internal and external systems stay safe and reliable. We can do it through new systems or improving the ones you have, whichever is better for your budget. And thanks to our extensive experience in the marketplace, we can save you further with discounted rates from our vendors. Our experience and comprehensive offerings will help your organization work cheaper and faster while reducing the risk of any data loss.


Comprehensive Technology Management


Today’s IT departments have a lot to cover. They oversee project management systems, conferencing, applications, network services, and physical infrastructures like workstations and servers. This can put a strain on your IT department, resulting in less effective services.


By outsourcing your IT department, you gain a company that can do all this work at a lower cost than in-house IT department.


Remote Workforces


Today’s cloud-based systems provide added flexibility in accomplishing your business goals while also maximizing employee performance, all at a lower cost to you. Remote systems reduce your real estate, saving you on physical space and liability, and boost productivity by helping employees hit timelines while maintaining better control over their schedules, improving your business results.


With the wealth of remote systems available, employees are becoming as reliable as in-person workforces. They can attend conference calls, work together as teams in real-time, communicate immediately across all levels of your organization, and access up-to-date data for more efficient workflow.


This can bring up questions regarding data safety. As an MSP, we ensure all your remote data stays secure no matter where your employees work. This includes using today’s best cloud-based services and remote access and VPN solutions. Your shared data stays safe anywhere your employees are.


With so many benefits wrapped into one, remote workforces are becoming a faster reality. Gearing up for this is an intelligent choice for increased productivity and lower overhead. Outsourcing your IT department lets your company take advantage of all remote capabilities with one IT source. And since most of these actions can be done remotely, outsourcing your IT department when building a more virtual business structure helps you minimize your full-time IT department needs even further.



Outsourcing your IT department provides you with an expert staff and up-to-date solutions, ensuring you have the fastest and most effective systems and data options for your business. At the same time, we safeguard that information, so your business grows safely and efficiently. And along the way, you get the necessary maintenance and upgrades to ensure your systems function as they should and are prepared for what’s ahead.


Let us show how outsourcing your IT department can benefit your business.