As you seek outsourced technical support options, always have IT security in mind. This is a must if you’re a small or mid-sized firm with a remote workforce. That’s why you need to take proactive steps to ensure safety and security for you and your remote workers.

At Haber Group, we provide enterprise-level IT solutions to brands like yours that help keep your focus on your firm.  This gives you a great sense of security and allows your remote employees to be more productive.

Today, we’ll discuss tips on how your brand can secure its perimeter in a remote work world.

Have Your Workers Connect Over VPNs

Virtual Public Networks, or VPNs, work just like firewalls do. That’s why they’re one of the best security tools for remote workers. It shields your data as it travels from one location to the next via a tunnel of encryption. This enables your employees to hide any data from the views of any potential hackers.

The best part is that you’ll be able to maintain these three aspects while enjoying the full benefits of VPNs.

  • Security
  • Functionality
  • Appearance

This will give you a sense of relief as if your workers were within your company network. Have your employees use VPNs so that they can be able to focus on other key tasks. You’ll also be doing your part in keeping your sensitive business data safe from harm.

Move Your Business Apps To Cloud-Based Services

Cloud apps like Office 365, G Suite, and QuickBooks Online are the best choice for a remote workforce. They include security features that are up to date and are compliant with industry mandates.  Data is stored in the cloud and is accessible anywhere with the right credentials. The best part is that solutions are deliverable through the cloud and provides you with 24/7 access.

With these options, you can be sure that you and your team will have the tools needed for success.

Use VoIP Phone Lines For Better Security And Control

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, offers your firm diverse solutions. One of those solutions gives you the option to make remote functions easier. With a secure VoIP phone line, your workers can make and take calls from any place with internet access. This includes their homes.

VoIP phone lines benefit your remote team in three ways.

  • More employee control over their work
  • Reduces their stress from complex security issues
  • Helps employees achieve top results

That’s why your firm should make VoIP phone lines part of your plans as you seek outsourced technical support options.

Have Your Workers Run Software Updates Regularly

You also need to ensure that your employees know how to run software updates. Whether they’re using their own device or a company one, the software updates help ensure a secure remote workspace. With software updates, you’ll stand to gain these benefits to help protect against any bad actors.

  • Removal of updated features
  • More security measures
  • Improved software stability

For best results, have your workers turn on automatic updates on their remote devices. This will help deploy regular updates on each working device that they possess.

Make Password Safety A Key Priority For Your Workers

When it comes to passwords, have your workers follow safety measures to keep hackers from messing with your data. That’s why you need to require your workers to use encrypted password software. These great password tools can help your employees keep their passwords safe from online threats.

  • Blur
  • Password Boss
  • Last Pass
  • Zoho Vault

Also, don’t rely on easy passwords like “Password1”. This can threaten the safety of your work data. Instead, have your employees use strong, unique passwords. Passwords that contain symbols, upper case letters, lower case letters, and numbers all together will help enhance your online safety. It also helps your workers go by their daily tasks without the constant worry of online hackers.

Avoid The Use Of Public WiFi Networks

Public WiFI networks can increase the risk of online threats for your workers in three ways.

  • Other people have access to these kinds of networks.
  • No firewall exists between you and others.
  • Hackers can track data hits between you and your workers.

For these reasons, advise your workers to avoid public WiFi as much as they can.

If they must use public WiFi, have them use a personal hot spot from their device or phone. Even though its web traffic is unencrypted, a hot spot helps you avoid getting hacked by people on that WiFi.

Make Sure Your Workers Keep Work Data On Work Devices

One thing your workers should never do is use a work computer for non-work functions. The same thing goes for doing work tasks on a non-work device. These actions can invite security risks for you and your workers. With that said, make it clear to your remote employees that they should keep work data on work devices.

Choose Outsourced Technical Support Options To Amp Up Your Security

Online security for remote workers takes guidance and great prudence. That’s why you need to keep these tips in mind to ensure the best security for your remote workforce.

At Haber Group, we provide you with the tools you need to secure your perimeter in a remote work world. Contact us today to discuss how our outsourced technical support options can help benefit your remote abilities.