Is your IT department being bombarded with constant calls for technical support? Online attacks are rising, and downtime is a real problem for most companies. At Haber Group, we specialize in providing outsourced technical support, so you spend your time running your company instead of worrying about IT problems. 

Today’s post will discuss the advantages of partnering with an outsourced Help Desk.  

Better Reporting

How do you know if a Help Desk is doing a good job? In-house IT staff often help customers without logging a ticket. However, an outsourced team uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like ServiceNow or Zendesk. 

CRM software tracks a customer’s issue from beginning to end. You can efficiently run reports to track metrics like how quickly the agent responded or how long it took to resolve the issue. The customer is even able to leave feedback when a ticket is closed. Customer service feedback is an excellent indicator of team success and, when closely monitored, can continuously improve quality. 

Proactive Support

Are you rolling out new software and need a knowledgeable team? An experienced outsourced team can support your specific technology and end-users promptly. 

Help desk analysts are primarily responsible for providing maintenance and incident management to prevent problems from occurring. They can provide proactive recommendations for upgrading old systems and software and other technical solutions to address the root cause of recurring issues.

Outsourced Help Desk teams use a triage system with rules for prioritizing, routing, and escalating tickets, ensuring that requests are addressed promptly by the correct team member with the right skillsets. Chatbots and other forms of automation can also assist users in quickly resolving common difficulties such as password resets.

Outsourced teams handle problems to provide continuous, high-quality support proactively. They have extensive experience creating, developing, and maintaining help desk procedures for various enterprises.

Ability to Scale

IT concerns can be predictable. For example, the volume of help desk calls will almost certainly grow when moving to a cloud solution or adopting new technologies. It’s simple to scale resources up and down as demand fluctuates when you outsource help desk services.

This flexibility assures reliable support in every situation and ensures that you don’t risk scrambling at the last second to hire and train IT resources. 

Flexible Coverage

Does your team need help at odd hours? Many global companies need support at varying times of the day.

Partnering with a third-party provider for IT support gives your employees more flexibility, allowing them to work a broader range of hours without fear of being left in the dark if a problem arises. Your employees can get help from a live representative even if they work remotely or during off-peak hours.

Improved Customer Service

An outsourced technical support team is interested in establishing a long-term business relationship with its clients. They approach help desk support with a cooperative mindset.

One of their goals is to collaborate with end-users to make their experiences as positive as possible. Excellent customer service boosts corporate morale and productivity. 

Improved Response Times

The relationship between the business and IT teams suffers from poor help desk service. Response times from internal IT teams juggling various priorities can be excruciatingly slow without a defined support structure. Worse, not resolving technical difficulties swiftly might result in costly company disruptions.

An outsourced team is held accountable for meeting particular service levels for response times under agreed-upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs). They work hard to avoid penalties. They strive to create connections that lead to referrals and long-term work by meeting contractual response times and other KPIs.

Reduced HR Burden

The managed services provider will manage their own IT team, removing the burden from you and your HR department. Fifty-four percent of companies globally are experiencing a talent shortage, and many companies spend a lot of time and money attracting, training, and retaining IT talent. 

You don’t have to go to career fairs, recruit at colleges, or place costly ads on LinkedIn to attract IT talent, and you don’t have to deal with performance and personnel issues.  

Maximized Outsource Services

Need more than Help Desk services? Outsourced IT assistance can entail more than just contacting a specialist to repair a malfunctioning computer or an unavailable server. 

Building a relationship with a reputable MSP to secure and manage your data and digital infrastructure is the goal of outsourced IT assistance. 

This alliance goes beyond band-aids and short repairs to continuously monitor your network, detecting and mitigating threats before they occur.

When you hire a managed services provider (MSP) to handle all of your company’s IT, you can maximize your outsourcing services to include IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, network monitoring, cloud migration, even disaster recovery.

Choose Outsourced Technical Support to Meet Your Company’s Needs

Excessive downtime caused by a malfunctioning IT system can be costly for many businesses. You can rest assured you’re in good hands with a team of industry-leading specialists on your side. 

At Haber Group, we will provide you with an outsourced Help Desk team dedicated to your success.