Realtors have become dependent on digital solutions and outsourced IT support to achieve their sales goals. The industry has seen tremendous technological advancements to help realtors sell a property. Not all Real Estate companies are successful in incorporating technology to help them be successful. If you own a real estate business, it is vital to have a reputable IT support company specializing in serving the industry. Your team should understand how technology can positively or negatively impact your business.

Evolving Real Estate Business with Outsourced IT Support

Technologies like digital twins, iOT, virtual reality, CRMs, and digital marketing have changed the landscape for Real Estate companies. As a result, many successful realtors have leveraged digital expertise and other integrated solutions to increase efficiency and maximize opportunities.

There are various ways IT services can benefit a real estate firm. Clients are looking for quick, convenient, and inexpensive ways to find their dream property, and IT allows you to meet these needs with a little investment. Here are three ways to evolve your business with IT.

1.    Get Actionable Data and Metrics

Big data and analytics drive most industries, including real estate. Businesses can no longer act without insights from accurate feedback and statistics. Real estate is a big industry that encompasses land and improvements like buildings, structures, and accessories.

Realtors handle property development and management, marketing, leasing, appraisal, and even selling. These areas require accurate and actionable data to guide strategy formulation, budgeting, and other crucial decisions. IT services can provide actionable data.

2.    Leverage Online Portals and Databases

Real Estate businesses can take advantage of custom portals that feature resourceful information for their clients. The portals host floor plans, directions, neighborhood amenities, and other details prospective clients can access instantly when looking for property.

More than half of buyers search for property online through portals and listings. As a real estate business, you should give your properties the best visibility online and make it easier for clients to view and make inquiries remotely.  There are many software integrations that can perform this task.  An IT Support company can help integrate an appropriate platform to support their needs.

3.    Manage Business with eCommerce Solutions

Real estate owners require various solutions for different aspects of the business. For example, security, communication, booking, and marketing can be optimized using the right eCommerce solutions.

Working with a reputable IT support firm can help you identify what needs transformation and the best solutions. For instance, integrating secure payment systems can offer your customers a safe way to complete contracts on your website. You can also use an online booking system.

4.    Offset Business Services to Outsourced Teams

Involving an outsourced team can free your in-house staff from different redundant tasks. For example, IT teams can handle the procurement and new purchase of hardware, software, and other IT equipment. They also manage your print services and maintain mobile devices and gadgets.

Outsourced teams are available around the clock. You will get 24/7 services and support for all questions regardless of your geographical location.

5.    Backup and Recover Your Critical Data

Digital solutions can eliminate human error and redundancy by automating various processes. However, mistakes are bound to happen at some point. Computer hardware, servers, and software can also fail. When in such a situation, you need prompt recovery actions.

Involving an IT team will ensure routine backup of all mission-critical data and other essential details from your cloud applications. You will also get secure access to your business assets, documents, and emails and can bounce back from an attack within minutes.

Optimizing Real Estate Business with IT Support

Customer relationship management is one of the areas that require digital automation. The sales team can use technology to complete daily activities and engage customers across different platforms.

IT allows businesses to automate communications and manage prospects through follow-ups and property visits. Other areas that will benefit from IT include inventory management, project and property management, and marketing campaigns.

Outsourced IT teams provide 24/7 support services so that real estate managers can perform business functions without delay. You can reach the support team via phone calls, texts, or emails. They can also manage all business devices used by your staff.

Reputable Real Estate IT Support in New York City

You should choose a reliable and trustworthy team with experience in serving real estate businesses in the New York City area.

Integrated digital solutions can buffer your business and distinguish you from the competition.  The goal is to identify a company the can review your key processes that’ll benefit from IT and determine the best solutions.

Here at Haber Group, our goal is to provide people-focused tech management for businesses in NYC. We have offered enterprise-level IT services since 2000 and strive to relieve businesses from the burden of managing technology, allowing them to focus on growing their company.