We now live in a new era of productivity, and digital workforces are at the forefront. Here in New Jersey and throughout the world, today’s advanced technologies support employees in more ways than ever before, streamlining processes and providing powerful back-end support to boost productivity. The benefits of a digital workforce are being recognized worldwide, and their positive results have bolstered the cases for a digital workforce in nearly every business segment. In 2020, a Statista survey showed that 37 percent of the global workforce has transitioned to this new way of working.

Haber Group helps businesses and organizations in New Jersey take advantage of this technology to improve business performance and keep you competitive. We provide all the necessary systems and 24-hour IT oversight, so you and your employees stay focused on what is most important –business growth. These systems specialize in the automation of tasks for faster, streamlined performance with improved economies of scale vs. traditional methods, saving you significantly while improving the results of your teams.

The importance of a digital workforce in today’s business world can’t be overstated. The benefits are becoming critically important across the globe. Now you can take advantage of it, too. Call or email us to discover how today’s advanced technologies improve your organization and your bottom line.

Digital Workforce for New Jersey

Haber Group provides New Jersey with Digital Workforce Development. No matter what industry you are in, you can benefit from today’s advanced technology to keep you organized and improve workflow through advanced automation while supporting your specific business objectives. We can supply you with the latest digital workforces for these tasks, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) custom-designed to your unique needs. Once installed, we can oversee the technology for you as a managed service, virtual CIO, or co-managed service alongside your current IT department.

Our services include:

  • Supplying essential business software and hardware
  • IT management
  • Managed Cloud IT
  • IT security
  • Remote workforce assistance
  • Data backup
  • Virtual CIO services

The Future of the Digital Divide in New Jersey

The digital divide – those who have and use computer technology vs. those who don’t – has given organizations with digital workforces the advantage. At the same time, the cost for digital workforces has decreased, putting the technology within reach to more businesses in New Jersey. Digital workforces with robotic process automation are becoming an instrumental part of our own labor force. Work is done faster and cheaper than ever before, and it will only grow from here.

Job Readiness / Soft Skills

Digital workforces are shaping the way we do business. Their ability to handle back-end services and assist in ways much like traditional employees makes room for new skill sets you can use to your advantage. You can focus on building teams with valuable soft skills, such as creativity, persuasiveness, collaborative abilities, versatility, and high emotional intelligence, all immensely important to business growth.

Commitment to the Community

Here at Haber Group, we are focused on managed services for a reason. We know digital technology is critically important for the future of business and are committed to bringing it to New Jersey to ensure you stay competitive, whether it be locally or globally. We have the expertise to keep you competitive on every business level.

Call or email us now to find out how we can help your specific business.


What does Digital Workforce mean in New Jersey?

The digital workforce encompasses the use of digital robots to augment traditional labor, allowing more time for the human workforce to do what they do best. It is used as a tool to assist workers in servicing customers and can aid any size of business in New Jersey by being customizable to its unique needs.

What is Digital Workforce Transformation in New Jersey?

This term is used to describe the push by businesses to improve the way employees work and maintain optimal business performance through digital workforce strategies and technologies.

What is Technology Workforce in New Jersey?

Technology Workforce in New Jersey is synonymous with Digital Workforce defined above, encompassing the use of technology such as robots to complete menial tasks so that employees can focus more tightly on essential goals.

Is RPA a new Technology?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), as it is known today, dates back to the 1990s, but the concept stretches back to 1959 when Arthur Samuel developed Machine Learning. It has gained significant momentum over the last few years thanks to improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) and workflow tools that have hit the market. CIOs are now utilizing this technology to streamline processes at a lower cost than traditional workforces, saving customers significantly and boosting profits.


About New Jersey:

Positioned in the mid-Atlantic US and bordered by New York, Philadelphia, Delaware, and the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the US and an urban home for its neighbors. It is the second wealthiest US state when considering median household income and is home to more millionaires per capita than any other state. Its school system sits at or near the top of all US states year after year. The state is also known for its beautiful beaches, The Boardwalk, Liberty State Park, its delicious food, and its diverse culture. It is also home to the NHL New Jersey Devils.