Benefits of Enterprise Architecture for Architecture Firms

As more architecture firms rely on cloud data, project management systems, and remote working, more company infrastructures are going digital. This has also brought an ever-increasing need for continuity to ensure all work and procedures are handled smoothly. The more in sync your firm’s systems are, the better our projects go. If the right infrastructure isn’t in place to support initiatives and your company’s unique ways of working, your productivity suffers. 

Enterprise architecture is designed to solve this problem. In this article, we’ll discuss enterprise architecture and how it can benefit your architecture firm. 

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise architecture is the process of standardizing and organizing your IT infrastructure, so it better supports your common goals and business strategies. It results in a more streamlined and effective framework to support company initiatives, store information, and aid your employees in their work while adapting more easily as your business grows. 

Enterprise architects have become common in large institutions, including government organizations, and they are equally beneficial for architecture and design firms. 

Benefits of Enterprise Architecture for Your Organization

  1. Reduced Complexity

With a more streamlined IT framework in place, all your policies, design initiatives, and direct tasks are followed and completed easier in ways that support your company framework and priorities. The more employees follow one system, the smoother your firm runs. The more adaptable it is to fit your needs, the faster the group shifts as a whole. 

  1. Reduced Costs

Fewer systems mean management costs are reduced across the board. With limited programs to repair, update, and oversee, changes and updates can be done faster and easier across all levels of the organization, even for remote architects, designers, and engineers. 

  1. ProcessStandardization

Given processes help you track initiatives easier while providing a deeper understanding of elements that boost productivity most. There is also less confusion and a more common understanding of your systems, with all employees onboarded and conducting tasks in the same way. 

  1. In-house Focus-Group Resources

With more employees following the same framework, you get an in-depth empirical study of your infrastructure and ample opportunity to boost its performance with their feedback. Your system is designed to fit your business needs, and since employees are on the front lines, they can contribute to its success. 

  1. Increased Productivity

With improved oversight, you can gauge the productivity of your staff more clearly, ensuring your business maintains optimal efficiency while exposing areas of the business that requires refinement. 

  1. Flexibilityand Adaptability in Applications

An enterprise architect can structure your IT systems to allow for ongoing growth and changes to maintain optimal productivity at a lower overall cost. As new systems hit the market, they can be added to the mix more easily while maintaining the same general framework to maintain strong business performance. 

  1. Assessment of Enterprise Architecture Initiative

As systems need to change and adapt, ongoing checks ensure systems are functioning as they should, and productivity is maintained. If issues arise, they are handled promptly to ensure your business functions at the pace it should. As a managed service provider, Haber Group offers immediate service 24/7. 

  1. Added Security

With the main framework in place and all employees working off the same systems, security measures are easier to implement, monitor, and update, further boosting security. Secure connections into sensitive data  also tell you who accessed what documents when and where to help protect valuable information – even when working remotely. 

  1. Enterprise Architecture Managementand Governance

With the advanced systems comes advanced supervision. Enterprise architects analyze system performance results on an ongoing basis, ensuring all IT infrastructure is in working order. As issues arise, they can be dealt with either in-person or remotely. 

How Enterprise Architects Work with Your Business

Our Approach 

IT managed service providers like us take a comprehensive approach to IT infrastructure. We start with a top-down, holistic view to understand your business and management approaches to build a solid framework. We use an outcome-focused approach with governance approaches that include ongoing testing, service capabilities, and impact analysis to maintain and boost your performance further.

Though we do a lot of the heavy lifting, our blend of modern enterprise architecture techniques and collaborative enterprise architecture building with your entire organization ensures a smooth understanding, marriage, and implementation by your company. 

Unlimited Capability

Our service capabilities aren’t restricted to individual programs. We can blend and custom-design systems for more dynamic capabilities while harnessing the power of your legacy capabilities

Framework Development to Match Your Strategic Goals

The software development and application development support your firm’s organizational development, each element tightly tuned with your business goals and standards of service. 

Systems Innovation

The main goal of enterprise architecture is the streamlining of systems while aiding and protecting your purpose and non-purpose built systems, so they function as intended. 

Project Management

This system is ideal for architecture project management at all levels of your firm. From implementation projects such as initial drafts and bidding to timeline creation, construction management, and ongoing business change projects, your custom framework ensures all initiatives are conducted smoothly, clearly, and efficiently. 

Operating Models and Impact Results

IT architects like us utilize an infrastructure reference model that includes a conceptual model and operating model that correspond tightly to your business. This is followed by a performance reference model and success model for an in-depth case study analysis.  

We’re Here for You

Here at the Haber Group, we specialize in all IT needs, including custom enterprise architectures. Whether your architecture firm is large or small, we understand the needs of architecture firms and can bring our experience onboard. We can customize, manage and update your important software, hardware, VoIP systems, remote workforce needs, and virus protection systems. We can provide full management or co-managed IT service to coincide with your current IT department. And we’re here when you need us. With today’s heavy reliance on digital systems, the last thing you need is your systems to go down. We offer 24/7 customer service to ensure you are back up and running to accomplish your important and time-sensitive goals. 

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